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Fatip safety razor scheermes - Wenghe

Beschikbaarheid: Niet in voorraad

Normaal: € 59,95

Aanbieding € 41,97

Dit prachtig klassieke double edged safety razor heeft een echt wenghe handvat met een metalen kern.

Ieder scheermes wordt sinds de oprichting van het merk in 1950 in Italië gemaakt. Dit scheermes heeft in tegenstelling tot meeste andere safety razors een open kam. Dit zorgt ervoor dat het mes dichter op de huid scheert en is beter geschikt voor mensen die ervaren zijn met het scheren met een safety razor.

Gewicht: 60g
Lente: 110mm 

Hoe te gebruiken

How do you shave comfortably without irritating the skin? That is a question on the mind of many shavers. After a while of trial and error using different products and shaving techniques a person tends to develope a routine with which they achieve a comfortable shave. For some a comfortable shave is not too difficult to acquire. For some others shaving is regarded as a painfull necessity. This all depends on a person's skin type and genetics. In this article we will try to guide you thru the shaving process using a safety razor.

The first thing you want to look after is the sharpness of your blade. A dull blade will pull on the hairs instead of cutting them. This will cause major skin irritation and can be easily avoided. Before shaving be sure to heat up your blade by putting it in a sink filled with hot water. Preferrably use a parabens free shaving cream to be assured of a smooth shave without any allergic reactions. Link: (EU / UK).

Secondly, while shaving try to apply as little pressure on the blade as possible. One of the key features of a safety razor is a bit top heavy. This way the weight of the blade will do all the work without the user having to apply any extra pressure. As told earlier the sharpness of the blade is key to a smooth shave. To keep a blade sharp it's advisable to change the blade on a regular basis and to dry them after use. The easiest way to do this is by padding them dry with a towel. Another more professional way is to dip them in alcohol and letting them dry naturally afterwards.

But how many passes do I need to get a good shave? I'm afraid that too many passes over the same spot will irritate my skin. These are questions/remarks we get a lot. It depends on the amount of facial hair to decide how many passes you should make before you have a smooth face again. Most times it's enough to do two complete passes over the entirety of the face. When shaving a thick beard its advisable to first trim with a pair of scissors. On the first pass, always shave with the grain. This usually means shaving downward, but not always. When finished with the first pass apply a new layer of shaving cream. For a more closer shave the second pass will go against the grain. You have to be more carefull because this pass is the one that causes the most cuts and irritation. So take a little more time for this one, don't rush it.

*If you really dislike to go against the grain its also an option to shave horizontally. Start your passes at the nose and from there go to the ears.

Third and last its key to rinse your face with warm water and apply a aftershave lotion. We like ones without alcohol because alcohol only dries out the skin instead of giving it the nutrition it actually needs after a shave. Link: (EU / UK)

As said in the beginning of this guide it's important to keep trying to find the best way to get a clean and irritation free shave. Be sure to pick a method which give's you the best shaving sensation.

Extra informatie
Merk Fatip
Razor Type Traditional
  • 9,2 uit 10 (1600+ BEOORDELINGEN)